joy coffee near me Oadby Leicester

In the heart of Oadby Joy serves a variety of desserts , snacks and for the coffee lovers a special beautiful aromatic coffee . Come in and work , relax or socialise and most importantly Enjoy 😉  .


About US



Pick a corner that suits you and we are there to make your day more joyful. This was more than just words for us. So, we were committed to creating a super-modern environment providing a rare service in which everyone would be welcome. A place for students to read, businessmen to have a meeting, families to relax, or a lonely man to sit accompanied by a coffee of ‘joy‘. This is the concept that we have managed to achieve successfully. We started where a great community is located, in Oadby, at 1 Glen Road, in a 100-square-meter space.

Joy coffee bar specialises in the preparation of the best coffee and all the products that accompany it. The menu includes all kinds of coffee, smoothies, milkshakes, fruit juices, sandwiches, sweets and cakes, cooked to everyone’s taste.


Our Story


We believe the secret of a coffee bar lies in the triangle: coffee, service and baristas. We give these three things the utmost importance.
The quality of the coffee beans is indisputable. The strong aroma and the unique taste are the key elements of our cup.

Joy Coffee Bar has been established by Mr Selami Cokaj, a fine Albanian Businessman with killer strategic tactics, to be a place that gives the community joy. Something we find less and less in our day to day lives.
Our baristas are people who love coffee. Though they have international careers, they do not stop training and attending workshops where coffee art is taught. In this way they are able to serve Joy‘s purpose, to prepare the best coffee ever.


As children we grew up with the coffee aroma that mother made it for herself and father. There wouldn’t be anywhere to escape.
Coffee accompanied every part of our day. Soon we would try it too. It was love at the first sip.

Friendly meetings often took place for the sake of coffee. The passion for the most consumed drink in the world pushed us to be interested in the origin, beans and all stages of its production. So, we were ready to serve a cup of Joy to everyone who has passion for this magic drink.